Thank you for your visit!

We hope you enjoyed the direct contact with our fascinating and diverse animal world in our natural enclosures in the middle of the subtropical landscape of Loro Parque.

We engage with great love and respect to the care of the animals that live here, as well as the conservation of their peers in their natural habitats, which are unfortunately increasingly threatened due to potential human growth. Loro Parque in his capacity as modern zoo acts as an embassy for them.

However, we are daily exposed to subjective criticism from activists against zoos. It is only a minority that discredits zoos but the tabloid press spreads this misleading information.

Therefore we would be very grateful if you help us to support our commitment to nature through a comment on this page.

Thank you very much!

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  • Guest - alexis m

    good place

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  • Guest - alexis kheto

    beautifull place

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  • Guest - Phil Austen-Jones

    We sadly live in a world of misinformation. I therefore judge things as I see them for myself. The staff of Loro Parque genuinely love the animals and the interaction is a joy to see. Conservation and education is at the heart of what they do and long may it continue. I wonder how many other orcas would have survived the challenges that Morgan faced.

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  • Guest - Marta & Michal PL

    Thanks to Vanessa
    She showed us everything in loro park and has tould all we wanted to know in a pervect way.
    We will never forget our visit in loro park

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  • Guest - Rachel

    Awesome place!

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  • Guest - Marcus

    Had a Great Visit! Loro Parque is Amazing. The Animal Care is outstanding. The Work they do is Vital with Wildlife like Orcas and Chimpanzees on the Decline. Conserving. Inspiring. Educating.

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  • Guest - Ruth Colrein

    I am a big orca fan. It's the animal I love the most and have since I was a child. If we don't get to understand them and learn about them how are we going to save them so that they stay in the world we live in for our children and grandchildren to learn about them. By actually seeing them not just on books like we do with dinosaurs! can't wait to visit the park in December.

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  • Guest - Sarah Shaw

    I have visited Loro Parque several times over the last twenty years and have witnessed the care and dedication the staff give to the animals. The continual development of the shows as not only being entertaining but also educational has to be applauded. Unfortunately the ignorance of humans has placed a time limit on many species of animals and where are they to be protected if zoos are closed down! Loro Parque is clean, open with its aims and is by far the best zoo I have ever visited. Keep up the good work and I look forward to visiting again.

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  • Guest - Richard wheatkey

    Absolutely amazing and to see how happy all the animals are is fantastic. Great relationship between the trainers and the animals. Best day of my life! Thank you so much

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  • Guest - Giovanetti Andrea

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